13-Apr-2014 The Latest


    The airfield is now officially open------ But please use discretion using the driveway as things continue to dry out. Thanks to Joe Klein for raking and rolling the Field and the driveway ruts.

    The mower was serviced, and we did our annual jig-saw puzzle of putting the canopies back together. Acknowledgement is in order to the following: Graham Foster, Scott Brewster, Scott Fellin, Charles Colomello, Dave Stacchini, Martin Kubicek, and Pete Piotroski.

    Graham had his Stryker up for the First Flight. We're all looking forward to a good flying season after an endless winter.


    Glenn Parow

14-Mar-2014 The Latest

    Members - A message from the President. "For those of you who may have been 'out of the loop'.----- Our website is revived and being updated, and will be utilized more in the future. You may want to save it to your 'Favorites' file. There is a great radio deal in the classifieds for someone. A couple of members have not renewed their AMA. Also, we have not had a response from a couple of long standing club members regarding their renewals, and it will be unfortunate for them to just fade into the sunset without even a phone call. I wish them well. But the other Officers and myself just can't keep beating this renewal thing to death year after year."

04-Mar-2014 The Latest

    Classifieds being worked on and to open for posting soon! So submit your adds to the webmaster. Gallery updated with some pictures from the Fountains.

27-Feb-2014 Web Update

    The website is being updated. Meeeting dates have been added to the calendar. The default meeting place is the Pleasant Valley Free Library until the field opens and the weather co-operates.

09-Feb-2014 The Fountains

    A Show and Tell event was held at The Fountains on Sunday Feb. 9th. A number of members displayed their RC models with everything from planes to boats on display. Two simulators were available for visitors to use and a number of them took advantage of the oppurtunity to try their hand at some RC flying.

    It appeared a good time was had by all attendees. And a number of interesting stories were shared by all! The day ended up with refreshments that included a very yummy cake deocrated with paper airplanes.

    The event was covered and included in the Millerton News!

    Check out some Photos in the Gallery!